Who is Hannes Schmid?

NATHAL® has accompanied and inspired me (born 1979) since I was 21 years old.

Hannes Schmid

Born in 1979, NATHAL® has accompanied and inspired me since I was 21 years old. When I started the training, it was quickly clear to me what incredible possibilities the method would offer for my personal and professional life. Likewise, I had to learn what kind of resistance one has to fight against from friends, family and colleagues when taking an unusual path in life.

As a former Youth Research award winner and science fiction fan, I have always been passionate about science and philosophy. Since it was intuitively clear to me from my youth that the textbook would not be enough to understand "what holds the world together at its core," I delved into the frontier areas of science and spirituality with equal seriousness.

After studying chemical engineering, my professional path took me through many technical projects and countries. I spent 8 months as an expat in Beijing. During this time, NATHAL® gave me patience, empathy and intercultural understanding in a strictly rational environment, but also the perseverance to nonetheless dedicate myself to artistic and scientific projects.

Today this mainly includes my YouTube channel about the extraordinary physicist Burkhard Heim. His world view offers the basis of a holistic natural science, in which also the spiritual dimensions have their firm place, and with the help of which we can even describe intellectually what happens e.g. in a NATHAL® session or in paranormal phenomena.