Advanced Seminars:

Advanced 1: Personal future and abilities
Duration: 4 days

You will recognize and activate your personal unused abilities or be taught ways to activate them. These are always linked to character requirements, i.e. you will be confronted with your own weaknesses of character in the exercises. You have to say yes to have these treated and to train them away. In each exercise in which blockages are released or character flaws treated, you will always experience the positive feelings that should always have been there instead.

The implementation of new skills will be perceived as highly gratifying, which in turn will motivate you to implement them in everyday life. This can concern your personal environment, your job, your hobbies, your social engagement, or any other area.

Advanced 2: Acquiring information, future fields of work
Duration: 4 days

You will learn to systematically gather information from higher sources for your job, profession, or other projects. You will also practice emotional neutrality, so that the result is not distorted by your own preconceived ideas. This aspect is extremely important for dealing with any kind of news. As always, the information comes from the highest source and is perfectly suited for you. The seminar will be concluded with a group project.
Remark: Advanced trainings 1 and 2 are usually offered together as a block of 8 days.

Advanced 3: New colors, sounds, and music
4 Days - 840 EUR

Even if the title may appear trivial, the program of this seminar blows all standards of beauty that you have ever felt from sensual experience with colors and music.
The exercises have nothing to do with sound or music therapy, but with feelings made through inner sensation (i.e. without external stimuli, there is no music played in the room). Color and music are hitherto insufficiently understood method of transfer for information, health, and energy. The reaction of brain and body to these transfers cannot be classified by science so far. Feelings of happiness are the strongest physical and psychological motivator and healing agent. And yet, no matter how abstract and beautiful the experiences get, they are always related to specific issues of your life.

Advanced 4: Sensations of warm and cold
Duration: 4 days

Simply put, this course is about increasing your emotional capacity. Warmth and cold sensations in the body, or in certain areas of the body, allow you to "endure" higher intensities or contemplate content that would otherwise be difficult to cope with, emotionally. Finally, you can be exposed to higher cosmic energies and experience intense physical treatments. The result is an overall increase of psychological and energetic stability, the prerequisite of all other advanced trainings.
Remark: Advanced trainings 3 and 4 are usually offered together as a block of 8 days.

Advanced 5: Time jumps to past and future
Duration: 4 days

You systematically travel through near and far past and future. You draw new knowledge from old experiences, but also anticipate future developments (of your own person and the world) and integrate them into your own life. You will reach up to 1000 years into the future!

Advanced 6: Smells and highly developed humans
Duration: 4 days

The sense of smell is one of the most primitive and (especially in the Western world) weakest senses that humans have. The sensations that smells can trigger are correspondingly intense. There are no odors present in the room, you will perceive them internally. These smells enable contacts to highly evolved beings, both from future earth and beyond. This also includes highly evolved humans who can be perceived in the seminar room and allows an energy transfer.
Remark: Advanced trainings 5 and 6 are usually offered together as a block of 8 days.

Advanced 7, 8, and 9

For these seminars you must have worked thoroughly on your personality and have truly mastered and understood the NATHAL® method. This ensures that you remain psychologically stable and have no tendency left that would lead to a destructive use of your mental abilities. If you are ready, I will be happy to introduce you to the highlights of seminars 7 to 9! Exercises are about highest energies, neutrality, feelings of happiness, spatial displacements, materialization, and the transfer of consciousness to other aspects of reality.