FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About NATHAL®


Frequently Asked Questions About NATHAL®

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No. NATHAL® does not require any particular life experience or intellectual ability. It can be taught to children as young as 6 years old. The method is universally compatible, it does not make any external requirements to anything.

The only real requirement is the ability to visualize. Beyond that, it helps to have an open mind and a positive attitude, or at least the desire to develop it.

NATHAL® does not use any technical aids and the quality of synchronicity is unprecedented. It spans all spectrums of brain waves (alpha, beta, gamma, theta) and requires an amazingly small amount of own action and prior knowledge.

NATHAL® begins where other paths end. We have been keeping this promise since 1980, guaranteed by the connection to the superior source and the professional and personal guidance that each participant receives. NATHAL® creates access to new feelings that are the guarantee that each participant can go beyond the scope of what they thought was possible.

Is NATHAL® dependent on a teacher?

The emotional connection to the Original Source can only be established by an initiated teacher. The handling of this contact must then be practiced and consolidated. Afterwards, the exercises can be carried out by the graduate at any time on his or her own, without further transmission of energy.

The Original Source is an infinite energy potential that realizes infinite creativity. Even though ultimately every human being is connected to it and for many it is only forgotten or buried, our experience shows that participants who are very skilled and advanced in their own discipline and method even benefit all the more. In the exercises new feelings are received, and they ALWAYS exceed what one has already realized for oneself. It is not possible to be underchallenged, each participant receives from the source the dose of energy and feelings for which he or she can cope.

NATHAL® is compatible with any kind of mental practice. In order to learn and practice the method, it is essential that you set aside your usual paths for a bit, otherwise the desired new neural pathways cannot form. In any case, the mental discipline and calmness acquired through years of practice is a factor that greatly facilitates the entry into NATHAL® and leads to faster results.

The advantage of the "uninitiated" is the impartiality with which the process is started. The measure of success of NATHAL® is overcoming personal limitations. There is no external specification how this process has to look like or on which level it has to start, all experiences and feelings are controlled and dosed by the original source itself. NATHAL® allows this process in unimaginable speed (i.e. within a few days) and precision (practicability in everyday life).

No, NATHAL® is compatible with any kind of worldview or religion. However, personal values must allow for a development beyond what is imaginable, which can also lead to the questioning of previous religious or moral ideas about man and his place in the world. However, this is a natural process that occurs in everyone’s life and is merely accelerated by NATHAL®. The best results are achieved by participants whose personal philosophy promotes courage and open-mindedness to novelty, and which grants a reality to transcendence.

It is energy - no more, no less. It is the energy from which everything springs, and which is connected with everything. In order to enter into a worthwhile dialogue with it, however, we need inner symbols to which we can establish an emotional relationship. That's why you visualize two (usually human) forms that accompany you through the exercise. These are NOT angels, spirits, extraterrestrials, deceased or other entities - NATHAL® does not work with those. It is a symbolic representations of the all-encompassing energetic reality of the universe.

This question has two aspects: First, people in any kind of healing professions can use the NATHAL method to deepen their therapeutic skills and perform treatments through spiritual projection. We offer special seminars for this purpose. Secondly, the process undergone in NATHAL training is per se highly healing, psychically as well as physically. For the treatment of specific personal problems, we recommend booking individual sessions.

NATHAL® can be presented as mental training to increase intuition and emotional intelligence. These topics are considered salonable in most societies nowadays. Those who have been dealing with esoteric/spiritual topics or alternative science models for a longer time will already have made the experience that not everyone is open to it, and that profound explanations about one's own views are not worthwhile in every case. The greatest value in a friendship or partnership is when you accept your counterpart and his views without reservation, do not judge them and do not try to convince him of your own position. NATHAL® automatically leads to more tolerance and empathy and gives a better feeling when you overload your counterpart with too much news.