The Physics of Burkhard Heim

Burkhard Heim's 6-dimensional world begins here:

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6 Dimensions in Color

On my YouTube channel, I make his complex work accessible in small, colorful portions:

The German physicist Burkhard Heim (1925-2001) left us a worldview that...
  • includes the paranormal
  • explains how UFOs are propelled
  • explains the body-mind coupling
  • provides formal terms in which one can speak about existence after death
  • and apart from that solves the great mysteries of physics (mass formula, inertia, cosmology...)

Heim’s appearance and life was marked by severe physical disabilities from a lab explosion at the age of 19, in which he lost both his hands and most of his hearing and eyesight. With extraordinary willpower and help from his family, he nonetheless managed to study theoretical physics (a.o. under Werner Heisenberg and Carl-Friedrich von Weizäcker). Unable to normally interact with a research team, his handicap as well as his asset was the life of a private scholar who could largely think outside of the box.

His original texts are very condensed, and it takes a long time to get a holistic grasp of his worldview. On my YouTube channel I make his world of thought accessible in small, colorful portions:

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