NATHAL® Intensive Training:

Your Connection to Universal Knowledge

Seminar Program

All NATHAL® seminars are conducted in personal presence on block, ranging from 4 to 8 days. Depending on the course, you may need to plan for an extended weekend or a week of vacation. Typically, the training starts at 08:30 AM. Each day consists of two exercises, each lasting approximately 1.5 hours, followed by a debriefing. Seminars usually conclude between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM. The approximately 2-hour lunch break should be used for rest and relaxation (not for checking emails) as the exercises require a great deal of energy. Please ensure that your personal energy level is sufficiently high. Attending a seminar while "on a diet" will only lead to a lack of mental vitality. As a participant, you will undergo the 5-day intensive training as an entry point. Afterward, you can choose to attend additional seminars that cover more specific topics and offer deeper experiences. The seminars in the advanced series must be taken in the specified order, while specialized topics can be pursued directly after the intensive training. In case of any doubts, we can discuss your personal suitability.

Intensive Training

In the "Beginner's Course," you will initially practice the fundamental NATHAL® technique. This technique is applied in the same form in all exercises across all seminars. Once you have a strong grasp of the individual steps and have developed a basic trust in the guidance, you can explore aspects of your own life and begin to derive practical, actionable ideas for your daily life. Following this, you will journey into foreign and unimaginable realms, where you are challenged to let yourself be guided even more effectively and respond with joy to everything new. Finally, you will explore your own future and gain insight into the potential you can realize and how to achieve it.
5 Days