Special Trainings

Most of the special trainings can be attended after the basic training, which is absolutely necessary, as the basic technique is used in all further courses and the trainee must have developed confidence in the inner guidance.

Healer Training
Duration part 1: 8 days
Duration part 2: 5 days

The seminars Healer-1 and Healer-2 are mainly designed for people with a healing professions, i.e. doctors, alternative practitioners, psychological therapists, nurses and geriatric nurses.... However, you can also attend them if you are simply interested in the subject matter or the topic of "spiritual healing" in general. The larger part of the exercises concerns "sweeping in front of your own doorstep", i.e. to eliminate character flaws that are disturbing in one's own healing activity (and generally in dealing with fellow human beings). Neutrality is practiced. This involves not judging a patient's condition according to one's own preconceived notions or "favorite diagnosis," but rather grasping and treating the patient intuitively and telepathically in his or her whole being. Likewise, you will learn to bear with equanimity the possibility of failure of your own efforts with a patient, as well as understand that not yourself or the medication administered, but the patient himself is the primary cause of any healing process. Of course, we also practice directing subtle healing energies to another person. You will practice this on each other in the seminar. The conclusion of the NATHAL® Healer Training is that it is not the technical skills of the doctor or therapist that are decisive, but his ethical attitude.

E.B.Es - Contacts with extraterrestrials
Duration: 5 days

NATHAL® allows to deepen every imaginable (and unimaginable) topic. In this seminar you will experience a spiritual and emotional preparation for the contact with extraterrestrial biological entities - E.B.E.s. Although the evidence for the presence of higher evolved extraterrestrial life on earth is virtually overwhelming, only few people take it seriously. After this seminar you will understand that this is not due to malicious intentions (even with actors on government level), but the deep-seated inability to deal with the emotions that the realization of their existence triggers in humans. We are confronted with our self-preservation instincts and deep-seated fears that bring us to the limits of our psychic, energetic and ethical comprehension. In the exercises you will be led by your spiritual guidance into progressively more complex situations where you will be challenged to reflect on these aspects and feelings in a real contact with extraterrestrials. One of the most difficult insights to cope with is that the alien intelligences are superior to us in every respect - technologically, psychically, spiritually, and ethically - and therefore not the humans but the E.B.E.s set the standards according to which a contact takes place. One is challenged to voluntarily allow oneself to be controlled by others and to receive orders and treatments whose purpose one does not necessarily understand, but which are extraordinarily beneficial and enriching. Once this inner hurdle is overcome, feelings can be experienced that transcend anything one assumed to know about the subject. With a positive kind of resignation, we can then accept explanations about their immensely positive nature, and our own not-so-important-after-all place in the universe. This also includes the vanishing of all fear and concerns and the realization that negative experiences sometimes reported by so-called abductees are mostly based on a lack of emotional insight into the rights and nature of the aliens, and not on negative intentions. As always, the contents are selected by the spiritual guidance. This guarantees both exclusively positive contacts, and a concrete reference to your everyday life for each exercise. This can include balancing insufficiently developed character traits, as well as developing new skills and answering personal questions of meaning.

Cell Regeneration
Duration: 5 days

A positive attitude and joy in life is the best guarantee for health and longevity. The seminar "Cell Regeneration" raises this principle to higher intensities of feelings and energetic treatments that will far outshine your previous conception of "positive". First, you will work on blockades and reasons why the necessary joy of life could not arise so far. Once these conditions are created, energies and feelings can be experienced that have a restorative and regenerative effect in the body down to the cellular and genetic level. In the exercises, these energies are experienced as an "inner light", and they bring about a long-term improvement of all physical regulatory mechanisms and of the body's intelligence as a whole. Your cells will emerge from these 5 days with an increased vital energy that will affect all aspects of your health and daily life.