How does NATHAL® work?

And what is NATHAL®?

The increase of knowledge is happiness!
- Dr. Gertje Lathan


NATHAL® was conceived by psychologist Dr. Gertje Lathan in the 1970s from the highest spiritual sources. It sprang from her innate gift and desire to help others. The name is the inversion of her own name, expressing that it does not express her own intentions or opinions, but those of the higher spiritual source.

In 1980 ...

she began to teach NATHAL® as a full-time profession and was the first institution in Germany to offer such trainings. Today, terms like "intuition", "mental training" and "personality development" are quite common, but back then they were exceptional!

is based on ...

a personal energetic transmission by Gertje Lathan or one of her long-term students, who received an initiation through her. The method can be applied completely independently after learning it, but it cannot be learned through text or verbal instructions.

Since 2012, ...

Gertje Lathan had been training successors who now continue to teach the method in her spirit and with the required ethical attitude. Gertje passed in 2022.

This ensures...

that the quality of the training is maintained in the long term, that each user receives a professional introduction and that their psychological stability is always guaranteed.

The Method

The format of the training is simple:

You sit or lie comfortably and visualize, i.e. imagine an inner scenery with your closed eyes. When in contact with the transmitted superordinate energy, this causes a balance of the brain hemispheres and a deep calm and relaxation. You visualize the energy as two figures with whom you enter into an inner dialogue and who guide you through the session. You can be guided through aspects of your present or past lives, into possible futures or strange new worlds. The possibilities are literally endless and depend only on your emotional receptivity - which will increase considerably as you go through the exercises!

"Knowledge is hidden behind emotions"- this simple statement contradicts our entire conditioning and the self-image of science itself. Even though new approaches to modernize knowledge transfer in schools have come to light, the true nature of intuition - the spontaneous grasping of knowledge through a consonance of mind and feeling - is not yet understood.

Some examples

Some examples:

"Knowledge is hidden behind emotions"

A student improves...

...their performance in mathematics because they no longer focus their attention solely on the linear deductive thinking of school instruction, but can understand the profound inspiration that all great mathematicians were driven by.

An athlete optimizes...

...their personal training and nutrition plan because they learn to consider all factors, including energetic and planetary cycles, through intuition, not just biological ones.

A doctor makes better diagnoses... learning to use their subtle, telepathic abilities for the benefit of their patients and not relying solely on established standard procedures.

The prerequisites

The only necessary prerequisite you need to bring for the training is the ability to visualize. NATHAL® is not linked to any particular worldview or doctrine, be it religious, esoteric, or philosophical. Of course, you should be open-minded to the ideas described above and be able to integrate them into your personal value system. People who already have experience with mental techniques, meditation, yoga, etc., usually find it easier to get started with the method, mainly because they have acquired discipline and some inner calm. However, with enough latent talent this does not play a role either. There is no difference in performance between men and women, different age groups or educational levels. The level of difficulty of the exercises increases continuously and the spiritual guidance works with everyone individually and decides on the content of the session and the feelings to be conveyed. Thus, no one is ever over- or under-challenged, but always encouraged to evolve, taking into account all aspects of their being.

Long-term effects

The experiences gained in the seminars are often overwhelming. However, if you apply the learned dialogue techniques correctly, it is always possible to transport them into your everyday life. Usually, a long list of specific and often very easy to implement tasks is created, which you can tackle at home directly after the seminar. Your environment (family, friends, work colleagues) will probably notice the positive change very quickly, because you will appear more balanced, more energetic, and more satisfied. The ultimate goal of NATHAL® is to increase happiness in every aspect of life. The ways in which happiness can be experienced and expressed are as varied as people themselves. With NATHAL® you will learn to know, realize and enjoy your personal happiness. Paradoxically, feelings of happiness are the most difficult for many people, especially in Western culture. A permanent integration into your life requires of course that you continue the exercises independently at home after the end of the seminar. Short-term positive effects are guaranteed in any case, but in the long term it is as with everything else: practice, practice, practice!