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NATHAL® training is not just the hidden world class champion, it is your access to the universe!

NATHAL® Training

NATHAL® activates your intuition:


Discover the origins of your creativity


Unleash the potential of your hidden talents


Dive into a universe of undiscovered knowledge


Expand the depth of your emotions

NATHAL® activates intuition

True intuition is not simply the unconscious access to old experiences - it comes from a sublime, spiritual source! All famous scientists, artists and philosophers were imbued with true inspiration. They always drew from this limitless source that existed beyond their own selves. This access inspired their creativity and made their works something truly extraordinary! Unique and overwhelming at the same time - this is the essence of this boundless inspiration that drove these brilliant minds.

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The state of consciousness required for this phenomenon goes hand in hand with a synchronization of the brain hemispheres. Sometimes this state arises purely by chance - but with the NATHAL® method it can be brought about specifically and used consciously. All this happens within a very short time and without the use of technical aids. It is based exclusively on mental training, which makes it possible to consciously cultivate this inspired state of consciousness and to use it for incredible achievements. The fallow potentials of our mind are available to everyone and are waiting to be used!

When I am quite to myself and in good spirits, ... that's when the thoughts come to me stream-wise and best. Where from and how, I don't know, and I can't do anything about it.

W.A. Mozart